Dynamic Programming in Python

Introduction to Dynamic Programming

We have studied the theory of dynamic programming in discrete time under certainty. Let's review what we know so far, so that we can start thinking about how to take to the computer.

The Problem

We want to find a sequence $\{x_t\}_{t=0}^\infty$ and a function $V^*:X\to\mathbb{R}$ such that

$$V^{\ast}\left(x_{0}\right)=\sup\limits _{\left\{ x_{t}\right\} _{t=0}^{\infty}}\sum\limits _{t=0}^{\infty}\beta^{t}U(x_{t},x_{t+1})$$

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Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in QGISGIS and Python

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS refers to methods of storing, displaying and analyzing geogaphical information. These methods have become essential in economic analysis (as you have noticed from the reading list for our Ph.D. course on economic growth). For this reason, it is good that you acquaint yourself with these methods. They will prove very useful when doing research, especially to show the spatial distribution of your variables of interest, contructing new measures, or doing spatial analysis.

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